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Wind & Weather at Marsa Alam / El Naaba

Bigger pressure differences enable smaller sail sizes on the water. The winds blow all year around averaging forces from 4-7Bft. (75 % of the days), and the direction can vary during the day.
The climate is hot and dry during the day, with cool evenings only in the winter months.
Due to stronger high pressure in summertime you can expect more high wind days. Mountain formations along the Red Sea are channelling and therefore increase the wind.

Average temperatures in Marsa Alam
air temperature °C 25 27 29 33 35 36 37 37 35 33 30 26
water temperature °C 20 22 22 24 26 28 28 27 27 24 22 20


Current wind at ProCenter Tommy Friedl - Marsa Alam

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Wind Forecast Marsa Alam / El Naaba

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