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Core/Carved Kites & Boards


Our kite equipment is divided into the variation range: HITECH and FREERIDE. Depending on the range you can choose between all available kites and boards.

In the HITECH range we offer the most up-to-date kites from CORE RIOT XR and GTS (and Cabrinha) to match our spot. The kite sizes vary from 9-18 square meters and are ideal for the demanding kiter of you who want higher, faster and further. Here are the CORE FUSION, CARVED IMPERATOR and various waveboards available. We want to meet the demand for different spot conditions.
Also for Foil Kiter we have boards available!
Prerequisite for HITECH rent is Level 5 (VDWS).

The FREERIDE range offers you an optimal price-performance ratio and is optimally suited for beginners as well as for advanced kiters. From 5 to 17 square meters, the latest CORE RIOT XR, NEXUS and FREE (and Cabrinha Vector) are available to suit every wind range and skill level. Of particular note are features such as easy relaunch, great stability in the sky and easy kite control. The kites are absolute all-rounders and therefore suitable for all areas (freeride, freestyle, surfing). The boards have the DELUXE FREERIDE and the Cabrinha, Caliber and Prodigy available in several sizes! The FREERIDE material is also used in our kiteschool.
Prerequisite for the FREERIDE rental is Level 3 (VDWS).


Core/Carved Kitesurfing - HITECHSizes 
Core GTS 3 9


A 3 in 1 style master. Your first choice for unhooked freestyle, relaxed freeriding, or waves. Light, zippy and super precise in freestyle or waves.

CORE Fusion 134 cm
137 cm

CORE Fusion

The Swiss Army® knife of kiteboards. Always the right choice for your next epic session. Chop, glass or waves, it doesn’t matter when you’re riding the Fusion, the ultimate all style twin tip. Einsatzgebiete: Hitech Crossriden.

Suits all styles and abilities from beginner to expert.

CARVED Imperator V 136 cm
139 cm

CARVED Imperator V

The true jump champion which as well allows an easy landing. An all-terrain board which is in terms of control, way beyond any other twin tip, especially in strong winds, choppy water or otherwise challenging conditions.

A flexi, sporty all rounder for freestyle, freeride and wakestyle.

CARVED Tantrum V 144 cm

CARVED Tantrum

The Tantrum is our light wind and wake-style kiteboard. The narrow and sharp rail edge allows early and easy planing. In addition the outline is kept parallel to offer a greater planing surface in general.

Especially in light wind the board rides much upwind and with a parked kite it allows itself to be actively popped out of the water very easy – like a wakeboard.

A board for wakestyle, flat water, light wind.


Core/Carved Kitesurfing - SPECIALSizes 
Carved Burner 6'0 inch


Burner is the board for those that want to ride what the pros are riding. True surfing feeling with limitless control, even in the most challenging conditions.

  • Superlight strapless version
  • Strapped version with straps and heel reinforcement


Core Kites - FREERIDESizes 
Core Riot XR 6


The Riot XR is an allroundkite. It combines power and speed with maneuverability and stability. Like this it is a perfect kite for any rider as it can be used for multiple styles in the same time. It is an excellent choice for freeride, freestyle, wave riding and even racing. The best word to describe the Riot XR is, that it is an excellent “crossride”.

Core Nexus Kite 6

CORE Nexus

The Nexus brings exceptional versatility to wave and freestyle riding. With its drift stability, manoeuvrability and control all characteristics of an excellent wave kite are combined in the Nexus. Impressive power for Freestyle.

DELUXE Freeride 141 cm

DELUXE Freeride

The new Freeride is the board for those who want luxurious freeriding. Freeriding means not only relaxed cruising, but also includes high and first unhooked jumps and tricks.
The Deluxe Freeride was developed in close co-operation with the perfectionists from CARVED. Characteristic is the 3D Shape, the full wood core, the 3D control rails, the concave bottom and the high quality.

DELUXE Freestyle Wave 133 cm
136 cm
143 cm

DELUXE Freestyle Wave

The Waveboard from Deluxe has complex shaped edges, which allows to not loose control, despite difficult conditions and high waves. Even unsuccessful landings, which can happen while waveriding are no problem for the Deluxe Freestyle Waveboard. The board is fast but gentle as well in its reactions and has a great ability for light winds.

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