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Wing Foils


Our wing foil equipment includes a board and a wing.

In the HITECH range we offer the highest quality NP Fly II and NP Fly II PRO wings with Aluula Aeris X / Aluula Aeris / LE Dacron materials to suit our spot, these enable a thinner and stiffer leading edge.

In the FREERIDE range we provide a good mix of Neil Pryde Fly, Core XC and Ensins Score wings.

Our wing board range has been personally tested by us and put together for the appropriate performance level. Many shapes are still in development and extensive testing is required to offer the right selection. For more experienced wingfoilers, boards from 60-120L are available from JP Australia and Core. For beginners and intermediates, we offer Fanatic SKY SUP.

Of course, the choice of foil sets is crucial for riding fun. Here we have a good range of aluminum masts and fuselages for beginners, in combination with easy-to-handle wing sets of 2000 cm, 1750 cm and 1500 cm.
Advanced wingfoilers can enjoy faster, more powerful wingsets from 900-1200 sq cm.

In the HITECH range, we offer full carbon foil sets for sporty demands!


Wing Foil BoardsLiter/Size 
128 Liter

JP Foil Slate

The foil allrounder is made for SUP foiling, windsurfing and windfoiling! Stable, fast and reactive are the main strengths of the Foil Slates.

Fanatic Sky Wing 85 Liter
95 Liter
105 Liter
125 Liter

Fanatic Sky Wing

The Sky Wing is an all-round board and designed for the earliest possible take-off. The new outline, with a slimmer tail and nose area, improves the space in tight turns and reduces the flywheel mass in flight and when jumping. The rocker line, on the other hand, enables an extremely early start and touchdowns become almost unresisting. Hardcore freestylers and beginners alike will love this!

Fanatic Sky SUP Foil 105 Liter
125 Liter
143 Liter

Fanatic Sky SUP Foil

The Sky SUP is 100% developed for foiling and wing foiling to guarantee the greatest possible fun - even in the smallest waves. Everything is designed to get on the foil as easily as possible, even with the slightest thrust.

JP X-Foil IPR 100 Liter
110 Liter
128 Liter


The X-Foil is a true all-rounder shining in all foil disciplines: wing foiling, SUP foiling and windsurf foiling! Shorter in length, wider and thicker compared to the previous year’s Foil range, the boards offer generous flotation for instant reaction for easy take off and to pumping. The concave deck shape makes it easy to locate the center of the board and to find a good balance over the foil.

JP X-Winger IPR 60 Liter
80 Liter
125 Liter
145 Liter

JP X-Winger IPR

The X-Winger is a specialized wing foiling machine! The shape is very compact with plenty of volume and width. The full beveled rails deliver maximum surface for instant take-off and forgiveness during maneuvers. It offers an instant reaction to pumping. Loading the wing underwater and using the lift of the wing for taking off. The strength of the track boxes with the signature long US tracks are made for superior leverage to any forces a foil can throw at it.

JP X-Winger PRO 88 Liter
99 Liter

JP X-Winger PRO 2024

Der X-Winger 

JP F-Winger PRO 66 Liter
77 Liter

JP F-Winger PRO

Der F-Winger 

Core Roamer 90 Liter

Core Roamer

Born to fly, the Core Roamer wingboard line is designed to meet all the challenges of modern wingfoiling with its instant propulsion and stable ride.
Sporty and responsive, but also with a minimum of initial difficulties when learning to ride, the carefully tuned shape ensures easy handling in all weather and water surfaces.

Neilpryde Glide SWIFT Carbon Mast: 85 cm

Front wing size:
1000 cm

Back wing:
210 cm

71 cm

NeilPryde GLIDE SWIFT Carbon

GLIDE SWIFT Carbon is a departure from the original Glide foil concept. The Glide Swift is a medium / high aspect ratio foil which combines the glide and performance of high aspect ratio foils with the ease of use of medium aspect ratio foils.

Neilpryde Glide Surf Foil Mast: 80 cm

Front wing:
1850 cm2

Tail wing:

84 cm


GLIDE SURF creates a playground for building new surfing sensations. With a stable and fast take off no matter the surf conditions, the GLIDE SURF delivers superior gliding and controlled speed to ride waves as far as they can flow. On the wave, the Glide Surf allows you to fly through the sections and progress from straight riding to progressive foil-turns.

Pump from one wave to the next - see how long you can fly!

Fanatic Foil Set AL 3.0 Mast: 
60 cm
75 cm
82 cm
90 cm

Front wing size:
1085 cm
1250 cm
1500 cm
1750 cm
2000 cm
2500 cm

Back wing size:
200 cm
250 cm
300 cm

Fuselage length:
68 cm
78 cm

Base: Plate

Fanatic Foil Set AL 3.0

Set AL 3.0: First choice for wing foiling. Endless glide, balanced speed and very easy handling make these foils so popular and versatile - whether for lighter riders with the small
Aero Foil 1500 or for heavier wing foilers with the incredibly early flight of the 2000.
Especially for beginners, these foils inspire and facilitate the first attempts at flying.

Aero Free Foil Wing Set: 1200 and 1300 Carbon Front Wing / 260 Stabilizer / 80 cm fuselage. Ideal for riders who appreciate a faster and more maneuverable wing.

Aero Glide SLS: 900 / 1085 / 1300 Carbon Front Wing / 200 Stabilizer - a setup for the sporty wingfoiler, the focus here is on manoeuvrability and speed. This is the right wing set for riding our swells.


NeilPryde Wing FLY 3.6

NeilPryde FLY

Every Wing size has been optimized and adjusted to produce more lift, more thrust, and less drag. The wing shapes are high aspect, which means that the span between the opposing wing tips is relatively large. At the same time the dihedral front profile of our leading edge prevents the wing tips from dipping into the water.

Core Wing XC 3.5

Core XC

The XC ensures extremely high riding comfort when freeriding. Radical maneuvers get a whole new level of precision brcause of the playful handling. Experience the most direct, high-precision control feeling due  to comfortable handle bars and enjoy complete freedom on the water.

Ensis Score 3.5

Ensis Wing SCORE

The Ensis SCORE is for everyone who wants to feel pure passion on the water – from discoverers to the pro. The ENSIS wings are well-known for their high performance and the SCORE will amaze you with its power and stability. It will get you foiling in barely any wind while staying extremely stable and controllable even in the stormiest conditions. The aspect ratio of each size has been specifically designed to provide both great power, for starts and upwind performance, and uncompromised manoeuvrability. The windows consist of an exclusive tempered feature, with perfect elasticity to retain the high performance of the wing.

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