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Boards & Sails

You can choose the latest boards from Fanatic and riggs from Doutone. Fore more infos see [Equipment] page.

Duotone Sails Storage

In our testcenter you can test the boards of the new saison half a year before it hits the market.

Fanatic Boards Storage

Berry Brothers and sails

The storages - only a few meters from the water - enables you to change equipment in extremely short period of time. Our beachboys will help exhausted arms to carry the sails, because especially in the holidays, surfing should be as comfortable as possible.

ProCenter Safety

Procenter Tommy Friedl Surfrescue

Safety always comes first here at the ProCenter.
Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

Opening hours ProCenter

Monday to Sunday

from 09:00 to 18:00 hrs

The opening hours concern on equipment issue and school, as also the presence of staff.

Spot Windsurfing El Gouna

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Directly in front of the ProCenter, the Surf & Kite Beach extends with the spacious standing area. Most of the time, the water depth here is between 40cm and 100cm and thus perfect for practicing. Whether waterstart or jibe, after a wet landing you are often glad to have sandy ground under the feet to be able to catch a minute. So you're also faster reoriented and the learning success is tangibly close. The wind comes to 80% side-onshore from the left as north-north-east wind. That means a high level of safety for our surfers and kiters.

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Absolutely free you can ride and fly over the azure blue of the Red Sea, a dream for all speed surfers. Even at higher wind speeds, the water here remains flat, and from 20 knots to form only a few smaller wind waves / chops.

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Because of the possibility of coral- and shell pieces, we recommend wearing surfing shoes.
For Foilsurfer we have planned a platform in the deeper area to allow the change to the Foilwings (completion December 2019).


ProCenter Safety

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Safety always comes first.
Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

ProCenter Facebook

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ProCenter Shop

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Directly on the beach you'll find our ProCenter shop. Here you can check out the latest beachwear fashion, sunglasses and all different kinds of spare parts.

ProCenter Aloha Bar

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Sweet beachlife rounded off with a real espresso, fruitshake or cocktail. Our beach BBQ with bonfire and the beach parties are legendary. -- Life's a Beach! --


El Gouna - Hurghada

ProCenter Tommy Friedl
El Gouna, Hurghada
ProCenter Location:
nördliche Surf/Kite Beaches

Tel: +20 100 6672811
Kontakt: email

El Naaba - Marsa Alam

ProCenter Tommy Friedl
El Naaba, Marsa Alam
ProCenter Location:
am Strand des Hotels "Three Corner Equinox"

Tel: +20 100 6672811
Kontakt: email