Friday 19 Jul 2019
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ProCenter Grand Seas

Info: Besitzerwechsel
Die Verantwortlichkeit des Centers haben wir am 01.10.2018 an Ayman Fars übergeben, da das ProCenter und Team nach El Gouna umzieht.

procenter tommy friedl Grand Seas

The ProCenter Grand Seas is situated at the beachfront of the hotel, right beside the lagoon. Distance from the hotel-reception is just 5 minutes walking.

At the Center we offer rentals for the latest surf- and kite equipment, storage for your own gear or lessons for windsurfers and kiteboarders. Due to the smaller setup, compared with the Jasmin Center, the personal atmosphere of the station is the convincing point here.

ProCenter Tommy Friedl Center Grand Seas

The shallow lagoon directly next to the station is the perfect area for windsurfing beginners, while advanced windsurfers may enjoy the  direct access to the open sea.

procenter tommy friedl gs lagune 508

As well kiteboarders will like the ride on the wide open sea, which follows an extensive shallow area. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, the ProCenter Grand Seas leaves no wishes open!

Procenter Tommy Friedl Grand Seas Kite Beach

The beach of the Grand Seas is beautiful, well-kept, quiet and relaxing. You will find some more action by the swimmingpool, which offers animation program in the daytime. Therefore, the ProCenter Grand Seas is the perfect place for everybody who is mainly looking for quietness and relaxing. As the resort is clearly structured, it is a good option for families as well.

Procenter Tommy Friedl - Center Grand Seas

To join the weekly beachparty on Tuesday and the weekly BBQ on Saturday at the ProCenter Jasmin, you can easily have a short walk on the beach (10 minutes) to be right in the middle of the ProCenter Apres Surf!

Center Grand Seas

You can choose from the latest boards and sails from JP. and Neilpryde.

Procenter Tommy Friedl JP Boards

The latest kites and boards from Cabrinha.

Procenter Tommy Friedl - Cabrinha

You will find more information on [Equipment] site.

Procenter Tommy Friedl - Grand Seas

The storage - only a few meters away from the water - provides a fast equipment-change. Our beachboys will help exhausted arms to carry the sails and Our beachboys will help you with launching and landing of the kites. There is always someone here when you want to get going or have a break. Especially in the holidays, it should be as comfortable as possible.

ProCenter Partner

ProCenter Partner

ProCenter Shop

Procenter Tommy Friedl - Shop Grand Seas

Direkt am Center Grand Seas befindet sich der ProCenter Shop, der Euch neben Surf und Kite Zubehör wie z. B. Lycras u. Trapez, die neueste Fashion von Neil Pryde, Quiksilver, Roxy und Gecko Boarder Style präsentiert.

Procenter Tommy Friedl - Headquarter Grand Seas

Ein grosses Sortiment von Oakley Brillen, Schuhen, Accessoires und allerlei anderem fehlt hier natürlich nicht! Schaut einfach selbst.

ProCenter Safety

Safety always comes first here at the ProCenter.
Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

procenter tommy friedl kiterescue


Procenter Tommy Friedl - Switchblade

Cabrinha Switchblade

ProCenter Safety

procenter tommy friedl surfrescue

Safety always comes first here at the ProCenter.

Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

ProCenter Facebook

Facebook Gruppe ProCenter Tommy Friedl

facebook logo 2

Visit us on Facebook!

ProCenter Shop

procenter tommy friedl jasmin shop 03

Directly on the beach you'll find our ProCenter shop. Here you can check out the latest beachwear fashion, sunglasses and all different kinds of spare parts.

ProCenter Aloha Bar

Aloha Beachbar

Sweet beachlive rounded off with a real espresso, fruitshake or cocktail.
Our Beach BBQ with bonfire and the Beachparties are legendary.
-- Live is a Beach! --