Saturday 23 Feb 2019
WebCam ProCenter Equinox - Marsa Alam
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ProCenter Equinox (Marsa Alam)

ProCenter Tommy Friedl - Equinox

We opened another ProCenter additional to the ProCenter Grand Seas. We found a spot far away from the mass tourism, which thrills with its untouched nature. The new ProCenter Equinox is located 30 km south of the airport in Marsa Alam in the bay of El Naaba on the southern part of the beach of the freshly renovated hotel Three Corners Equinox.

ProCenter Tommy Friedl - Equinox 01

Here at the ProCenter Equinox you can rent the latest windsurf- and kitesurf equipment, store your own equipment in our storages on the beach as well as learn how to surf or to kite in some of our lessons.

Directly in front of the center you will find the bay for the windsurfers and kitesurfers. The first 20 meters are sandy and shallow and allow you a convenient start. A jetty is placed upwind and reaches until the ca. 200m offshore „Potato-reef“ which protects the surfers bay from high waves.

ProCenter Tommy Friedl - Equinox 03

A ca. 250 meter wide passage south of the reef allows the entrance to the open sea and into the swell.

ProCenter Tommy Friedl - Equinox 06

The swell is ideal for wave beginners, as the waves don’t break, which allows you easy waveriding. In medium windconditions you will find moderate waves (ca. 1,5 m) which can grow up till 3 meters in stronger lasting winds.

ProCenter Tommy Friedl - Equinox 07

The „Potato-reef“ protects the area inside the bay from high waves. This results in perfect training conditions in the flatwater for advanced surfers.

ProCenter Tommy Friedl - Equinox 04

Center Equinox

You can choose from the latest boards and sails from JP and Neilpryde.

The latest kites and boards

Procenter Tommy Friedl - Cabrinha

The storage - only a few meters away from the water - provides a fast equipment-change. Our beachboys will help exhausted arms to carry the sails and Our beachboys will help you with launching and landing of the kites. There is always someone here when you want to get going or have a break. Especially in the holidays, it should be as comfortable as possible.

ProCenter Partner

ProCenter Partner

ProCenter Shop

Procenter Tommy Friedl - Shop Grand Seas

Direkt am Center Equinox befindet sich der ProCenter Shop, der Euch neben Surf und Kite Zubehör wie z. B. Lycras u. Trapez auch Fashion von Neil Pryde, Quiksilver und Roxy präsentiert.

Ein grosses Sortiment von JC Optics Brillen, Schuhen, Accessoires und allerlei anderem fehlt hier natürlich nicht! Schaut einfach selbst.

ProCenter Safety

Safety always comes first here at the ProCenter.
Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

procenter tommy friedl kiterescue

Core Kite

Core Kites am Pro Center Jasmin

Core Kite

ProCenter Safety

procenter tommy friedl surfrescue

Safety always comes first here at the ProCenter.

Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

ProCenter Facebook

Facebook Gruppe ProCenter Tommy Friedl

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Visit us on Facebook!

ProCenter Shop

procenter tommy friedl jasmin shop 03

Directly on the beach you'll find our ProCenter shop. Here you can check out the latest beachwear fashion, sunglasses and all different kinds of spare parts.

ProCenter Aloha Bar

Aloha Beachbar

Sweet beachlive rounded off with a real espresso, fruitshake or cocktail.
Our Beach BBQ with bonfire and the Beachparties are legendary.
-- Live is a Beach! --