Friday 19 Jul 2019
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Equipment Duotone/NeilPryde

ProCenter Tommy Friedl - NeilPryde Segel

Our equipment is divided into three categories: HITECH, FREERIDE and BEACHLINE.
Additional to your booked board you may choose between the sails of your category.
Our HITECH-equipment contains the high-quality sails of Neil Pryde, selected adequately to the conditions of our spot.
For hi-wind and slightly choppy water we offer the agile Neil Pryde Combat. For more moderate wind, the fast planning freestyle-sail Wizzard and for light wind days you’ll go great with our high-performance Hornet and H2 Racing. The rig components are made of super light  X65 and X9 masts, aswell as X6 and X9 booms. All sails from 3.6 to 6.1 are equipped with reduced diameter masts (RDM), resulting in a noticeable reduction of weight and thus in better handling.
In our FREERIDE-equipment, we offer you a nice price-performance-ratio. For hi-wind we’re able to serve you with the wave sail Atlas and the Fly. For more moderate conditions we have the x-over/ slalom sails Fusion and Solar and for light wind the camberless racesail Hellcat.

The rig components are from X35 masts and X3 booms. All sails from 3.6 to 6.1 are equipped with reduced diameter masts (RDM), resulting in a noticeable reduction of weight and thus in better handling.      

In our BEACHLINE range, we offer the NP experience and beginnersails from Open Ocean. Durable sails with moderate light weight are the perfect choice while you are the first houres on the water.

Sails - HITECH

Windsurfing Sails - HITECH
at ProCenter El Gouna



Duotone S-Type SL 6.0

Duotone S-Type SL

Hoch sportives, kompetitives Slalom Segel, das geradezu nach Geschwindigkeit giert – und sich trotzdem einfach beherrschen lässt. Tieferes Profil, geringeres Loose Leech und die reduzierte Vorliekskurve verbessern die Leistungsbereitschaft im unteren Windbereich und erzeugen mehr Beschleunigungsdruck.

Duotone Idol 4.4

Duotone Idol

Leicht, leichter, am radikalsten! Das IDOL ist das ganz persönliche Pro Model von Freestyle Rekordweltmeister Gollito Estredo und das extremste Freestyle Segel von Fanatic. Alle Größen sind sensationell leicht, da statt herkömmlichem XPLY das zukunftsweisende High Tech Laminat „ODL“ und 100 Micron ULTRA FILM verwendet werden.

Duotone F-Type 5.8

Duotone F-Type

Ideales Foil Segel. Noch nie war es möglich, bei so wenig Wind und so früh ins Gleiten zu kommen oder auch Wellen abzureiten. Das neue F_TYPE ist das perfekte Segel für´s geräuschlose Schweben im ersten Stock. Features sind exakt auf diese neue Disziplin ausgelegt und kommen Aufsteigern wie auch relaxten Wavern voll entgegen.


Sails - HITECH
at ProCenter Marsa Alam



Neil Pryde Combat 3.7

Neil Pryde Combat

The legendary Combat is the go-to choice for wave performance and all-around versatility. It features the revolutionary Forceline Frame construction for dynamic load and shape control and even more durability. Combining high-end performance and construction with handling that is signed off by the best sailors on the planet, the Combat will take you and your sailing to the next level.

NeilPryde Wizard 5.7

Neil Pryde Wizard

The new, ultimate new school freestyle sails of freestyle world champion Steven van Broeckhoven. More power, more performance, more bounce. Easy handling, early planing and loads of jump abilities.

NeilPryde Hellcat 7.2

Neil Pryde Hellcat

The Hellcat is a thoroughbred performance freeride sail. It’s fast, powerful and delivers an exhilarating combination of speed and acceleration.

NeilPryde Speedster 6.7

Neil Pryde Speedster

The Speedster is an explosive performance Freeride Sport sail. It is more balanced and offers greater performance and wind range than a classic freeride sail.

NeilPryde V8 8.2

Neil Pryde V8

The new V8 is a high performance sail that offers incredible acceleration with each gust even in non-planing conditions. True race sail performance combined with a narrower sleeve and IntegraCams achieve great handling and a light feel.  The sail configuration makes it considerably lighter in maneuvers, water starting or up handling.


at ProCenter El Gouna



Duotone E_Type 6.2

Duotone E-Type

E wie elektrisierend, erfolgreich und mit einfacher Kontrolle. Für sportliche Freerider, die es unkompliziert wollen: losfahren und ohne Pumpen ins Gleiten kommen. Das ist pures Windsurfen mit viel Schub, Speed und der besonderen Leichtigkeit für sportlich gefahrene Manöver.

Duotone Super Session 4.4

Duotone Super Session

Super Session ist das perfekte Segel für den sportlichen Bump&Jump Allrounder, auch bei mehr Wind und böigen Bedingungen. Es deckt den weiten Bereich von Flachwasser bis Welle ab. Schnelle Schläge, lässige Jumps und Vollgas-Turns fließen nahtlos ineinander über und machen Lust auf endlose SUPER SESSIONs.

Duotone Now 3.6

Duotone Now

Ein sehr leichtes, leistungsstarkes und hochwertiges Performance Handling Segel, das auf Basis des aktuellen SUPER HERO entstand, aber natürlich an die Ergonomie kleinerer Menschen angepasst wurde.


at ProCenter Marsa Alam



Neil Pryde TheFly 6.0

Neil Pryde Ryde

The Ryde has been designed for classic flat-water freeriding. It offers great low-end power and stability for early planing and controlled maneuvers.

Neil Pryde TheFly 3.6

Neil Pryde TheFly

Introducing the all-new Fly down-the-line wave sail. The Fly excels in pure, clean waves where the light, soft handling allows for an experience as close to surfing as possible. Designed with a centre of effort that is low and forward in the sail, the Fly retains a handling pedigree and control levels that keep you where the action is – in the critical sections of the wave you've been hunting down.

NeilPryde Atlas 4.2

Neil Pryde Atlas

Atlas offers predictable, steady and user-friendly drive, ideal for use in all wind and wave conditions. Early to plane, the Atlas is up and ready for action with efficient, usable power at all times. Featuring great upwind ability and acceleration, it pushes hard when conditions are less than ideal and its high lift characteristics ensure massive jumping performance.

NeilPryde Fusion 5.5

Neil Pryde Fusion

Fusion is the ultimate all-rounder – use it anywhere, in any wind strength, on any water condition. Learn the basics, jump, catch a wave, try a freestyle trick or get into freeride mode and leave your friends behind for speed. With forgiving handling and optional full HD construction, the Fusion is suited to all types of windsurfing.

NeilPryde Solar 5.5

Neil Pryde Solar

Solar is our most user-friendly sail. Optimised for classic flat-water freeriding, the Solar offers great lowend power and stability. It is light, easy to handle and rig.

NeilPryde One Youngster 2.5

Neil Pryde One Youngster

The sail for the young genration. Userfriendly and super light weigth.


NeilPryde Sails - BEACHLINESizes 
Neil Pryde Experience


Neil Pryde Experience

Experience is easy and fun to use for all ages and levels. It is light, easy to handle and highly durable. All Experience sizes are perfect for schools and learning with the larger sizes specifically designed for SUP sailing.

Open Ocean  

Open Ocean

Open Ocean is a very light weight beginner sail, espcially designed for kids and youngsters.

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ProCenter Safety

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Safety always comes first here at the ProCenter.

Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

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