Saturday 25 May 2019
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Boards - HITECH

Windsurfing - HITECH
ProCenter at El Gouna



Fanatic Gecko LTD 110 Liter
120 Liter


Der Fanatic Gecko BXF (BXF = besondere Zusammensetzung hochwertiger Biax-Glasfasern mit PVC und leichtem Finish für optimales Gewicht.) ist ein Freeride Board. Er fährt sich einfach und ist kippstabil. Er kommt früh zum Gleiten mit wenig Technik und gleitet länger und einfacher durch Windlöcher. Der Gecko ist das ideale Board, um einfache gecarvte und durchgeglittene Halsen zu lernen.

Fanatic Skate TE   99 Liter
108 Liter


Der Fanatic Skate TE (BXIC - Highend fibre finish - Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish Technology) ist das Freestyle Board mit Speed und Power für grenzenlose Möglichkeiten. Auf dem Skate wirst du Freestyle Moves schneller lernen und sicherer und stylischer ausführen. Der Skate eignet sich auch gut für Sprünge.

Fanatic Freewave STB   95 Liter
105 Liter
115 Liter

Freewave STB TE

Fanatic FreeWave STB TE (BXIC - Highend fibre finish - Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish Technology). From high wind freeride, through freestyle, bump & jump and full-on wave sailing, the FreeWave STB does it all with a perfect blend of ease and style. The wide tail and more parallel rails ensure the FreeWave STB is extremely easy to ride, whilst delivering truly unrivalled early planing and upwind ability.

Fanatic Blast LTD 100 Liter
115 Liter
130 Liter


Der Fanatic Blast LTD (BXF Technologie) ist ein traditioner Performance Freerider. Er beschleunigt schnell, ist extrem laufruhig und fährt sich komfortabel bei hoher Geschwindigkeit. Dank der dünnen Kanten ausgesprochen aggressiv in die Halse gesteuert werden, ist aber dank des breiten Hecks ausgesprochen fehlerverzeihend.

Fanatic Jag LTD 125 Liter
135 Liter


Der JAG LTD (BXF Technologie)  ist neu im Fanatic Programm. Ein Slalomboard mit echter Race-DNA. Die neue Rennmaschine für das offene Meer! Der Jag ist ein schnelles Board, das auf den Input des Fahrers reagiert. Er ist effizient bei leichtem Wind und erlaubt dank des breiteren Hecks den Einsatz größerer Segel.


Windsurfing - HITECH
ProCenter at Marsa Alam


JP Australia

JP Twinser Quad PRO   92 Liter
  99 Liter

Twinser Quad PRO

This line scores in areas that were previously uncommon for quads: early planning, speed and upwind, during tight turns in small waves.

JP Thruster Quad PRO   95 Liter
102 Liter

Thruster Quad PRO

The new Thruster Quad PRO offer a huge range of use from onshore to side- and offshore conditions. It now delivers improved planing performance and thus also qualify as bump and jump high wind board. You will love it for its ease and reliability to carve up waves.

JP Freestyle Wave PRO - 2018   86 Liter
  94 Liter
103 Liter
113 Liter

Freestyle Wave PRO - 2018

Great all-rounder with an incredibly wide range of applications. It offers best performance during speeding, at freestyle and wave. The new Shape offers more fun and performance without being difficult to ride.

JP Freestyle Wave PRO   84 Liter
  93 Liter
102 Liter
111 Liter

Freestyle Wave PRO

Great all-rounder with an incredibly wide range of applications. It offers best performance during speeding, at freestyle and wave. 

JP Freestyle PRO 107 Liter

Freestyle PRO

Fast and direct Board with lots of jump abilities and power. Ideal for any radical move, therefore freestyler are loving this board!

JP Super Lightwind PRO 165 Liter

Super Lightwind PRO

The Super Lightwind boards start planing when there are no white caps in sight – as early as Formula boards, but they are way easier to handle than any Formula board. Getting in and out the straps is no problem and the jibing of the Super Lightwinds is also a pleasure compared to any Formula board.

JP JP All Ride FWS  
106 Liter
116 Liter

All Ride FWS

Das All Ride ist der sportlichen Allrounder und der Inbegriff des puren Freeride-Feelings. Im Mittelpunkt steht frühes Angleiten, einfache Fahreigenschaften und hohe Endgeschwindigkeit. Es liefert ein sportlich faszinierendes Fahrgefühl – ob beim Dahingleiten mit vollem Speed oder in dynamischen Carves. Windsurfen ohne viel nachzudenken – aufsteigen und Spaß haben!

JP Magic Ride FWS 104 Liter
130 Liter

Magic Ride FWS

This is an all-new, thrilling and exciting concept of extra wide, short and thin freeride boards within the JP line. It features so far unseen early planing with the easiest jibing possible. Their top speed is also unmatched in their class.

JP Magic Ride PRO 111 Liter
119 Liter

Magic Ride PRO

Der Magic Ride in der Pro Edition bietet extremen Frühgleitspaß und ein für alle Könnensstufen unglaublich unkompliziertes Brettkonzept. Der lebendige, sportliche und schnelle Widebody-Freerider mit gutem Topspeed und sportlichem Fahrgefühl bei gleichzeitig überragender Kontrolle.

JP Super Ride PRO 2019 102 Liter
116 Liter
124 Liter
132 Liter
146 Liter

Super Ride PRO 2019

The new shape of the Super Ride PRO is more sportive than the shape of the Magic Ride but nearly as fast as the Super Sport. Exeptional is the ease of jibing in combination with stable planning, which leads into super fast surfing already at moderate windconditions.

JP Super Sport PRO 2018 113 Liter
125 Liter

Super Sport PRO 2018

Powerful and seriously fast, these boards make you fly over the water. They are aimed at sporty, advanced riders who have the ability to unleash the full potential of their acceleration and speed. These riders will also enjoy the racy carving jibe talent of the boards.

JP Super Sport PRO 100 Liter
112 Liter
124 Liter
136 Liter

Super Sport PRO

The Super Sports are faster than ever. Now it's even easier to get the maximum performance out of them. With nearly no efforts you can transfer the entire power of the sail on the Board, to accelerate more and more. Ambitious speedsurfing and fast carving jibes are the characteristics. True fun and really fast boards for advanced riders.

JP Hydro Foil PRO 155 Liter

JP Hydro Foil PRO

High performance foil board is obviously for lighter winds and upwind sailing. The wide tail provides excellent control in the upper wind range. You can load lots of power onto the windward rail to keep the board tilted to windward and use additional lift from the foil for more acceleration, as well as very good upwind performance.

JP Hydro Foil FWS 135 Liter

JP Hydro Foil FWS

All-round Foilboard – it makes foiling easy and accessible for everyone who wants to experience the feeling of flying over water. At the same time, it offers racers a very efficient racing machine.

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ProCenter Safety

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Safety always comes first here at the ProCenter.

Our Beach Assistants are always keeping a close lookout and our rescue boat is always on duty.

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ProCenter Shop

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Directly on the beach you'll find our ProCenter shop. Here you can check out the latest beachwear fashion, sunglasses and all different kinds of spare parts.

ProCenter Aloha Bar

Aloha Beachbar

Sweet beachlive rounded off with a real espresso, fruitshake or cocktail.
Our Beach BBQ with bonfire and the Beachparties are legendary.
-- Live is a Beach! --